Why Mortgage Pre Approval is Important

With today’s uncertainty, it is more important than ever to seek pre approval.

With the onset of COVID-19, it is important to choose homes to look at, give proper notice and keep showings to a minimum of qualifying homes only. Imagine, you find your perfect dream home! You complete all the necessary documents and send them off to your financial institution.

Then, in one moment your dreams are crushed. You are NOT approved. What happened??

Lenders are not as willing to approve in today’s economy as they used to be. There are many more rules and guidelines that they have to consider and abide by.

The smarter way is to discuss with your financial advisor your options, what price you qualify for and what is best for you.
Then, once you have been approved you have a better understanding of what kind of commitment you are looking at and what price range of home you should be looking for. It helps your agent find the perfect home in your price range. Don’t waste yours and your agent’s time. Don’t look and fall in love with something you won’t qualify for.
Take the time to qualify.

May 4, 2020

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